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Shared workspace, access to amenities and services, and use of all conference rooms and workshops spaces.



10 days a month of shared workspace and the option of renting any of our three conference rooms. 



Private desk, 24/7 access to the space, business mail service, and more.



Private office, 24/7 access to the space, business mail service, and more.


What our members are saying:

"After working as a freelance marketer for three years, I finally found a co-working space I absolutely love. The Wave has improved my work life more than I even imagined possible. I'm a business member and the services are fantastic... I can get weekly massages AND book a conference room for client meetings. And the best part? My daughter absolutely loves the childcare space and can't stop raving about the books and games. The only downfall is that I didn't come up with the concept and open the business myself!" - Sara Nileson

"The staff at The Wave are incredibly professional, helpful and caring. The facilities are fantastic and they are making improvements everyday. This is a wonderful place for any solo-entrepreneur or small team to turn their passion into reality. With wonderful features such as Podcast room, access to free legal counsel, finance/accounting advice and massages (yes you read right they have a masseuse) you can't go wrong." - Patricia Witt



"I’ve been searching for a co-working space for a long time and I haven’t found the right fit. Im a working mom, and the Wave is the perfect fit for me! Also - the entire staff is incredible!!! I’m so happy to have the Wave here I’m SLC."

- Jessica Gleim

Support a sister's dreams with Wave sponsorships.

You can help support our mission of elevating women by sponsoring a friend, sister, or colleague. Check out our options and email to learn more about getting started. 

Academic                     $1,000/yr.

Know a student that could use a space to study, hold club meetings, or meet with amazing mentors? Our academic sponsorship offers students a full year of access to student membership at The Wave.

Entrepreneur                $2,200/yr.

If you have a friend who is trying to get her start-up off the ground, finish the book she's working on, or finalize a business launch, this is the membership plan for you. Our entrepreneur sponsorship offers full access to our space for a year. Everything from conference room space to time in our podcast room. The woman you sponsor will also receive discounted entry into all our events, including our national speaker series.

Political Scholarship     $1,000/6 months

Running for office is hard. It's easier when surrounded by a supportive community. Our political scholarship provides use of our space to hold meetings, plan the next phase of a campaign, or meet with constituents. Need a place to hold a fundraiser? We can help with that, too.

Non-Profit                       $600/6 months

Our non-profit scholarship offers the non-profit of your choosing access to our space for 6 months. This includes discounted use of our space for fundraising, shared work space, and more.