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Q&A with The Wave

1. Where are you all located?

We're located at 32 E. Exchange Place in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. You know, the heart of the Beehive State. Learn more about the history of our building here.

2. What are your hours of operation?

The Wave is open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm for coworking. But, we have a lot going on after hours. Check out our events page for all the up-to-date information on evening and weekend events in our space. Need to book a private event after hours? We do that, as well.

3. What is coworking?

The use of the term "coworking" for shared office space is pretty new (circa 2005)​. It started in San Francisco, CA as a communal place to plug in a computer, grab a cup of coffee, and get things done. When it first opened, it was only available two days a week. 

We've come a long way. Coworking is now global, with over 30,000 coworking spaces around the world. Coworking offers space for freelancers, independent contractors, writers, authors, CEOs, and more to get out of the coffee shop and into an uplifting space with conference rooms, WiFi, community, and more.


4. Why a social club?

Social clubs have been around forever. Women's social clubs may be a bit newer, but have had a massive impact in their short history. Susan B. Anthony and other leading social activists were members of the social club movement. Women's suffrage and worker's rights came out of women's activism grounded in women's spaces.


But, let's be real. It's hard to make friends as an adult. The social club aspect of The Wave offers a chance to meet new people, experience a national speaker, or learn a new skill. See what’s coming up on our event page.

5. Can I bring a friend?

We would love for you to bring your friends and colleagues! Each member receives 2 guest passes a month. We also offer guest passes for $20/day. Guests are welcome to use any of our communal spaces. Grab a guest pass here!

6. Can I use The Wave as my business address?

We welcome our members with dedicated desks and offices to use our building as their business address. Members with desks and offices also receive business mail service. For an additional fee, all members are welcome to use our address for their business mail.

7. What about the weekends?

The shared coworking space at The Wave is not currently open on weekends. However, members with dedicated desks and offices receive a key to the building and are welcome in our space 24/7. Learn more about dedicated desks and offices here.

8. Where can I park?

The Wave is located across the street from two parking garages that offer paid parking throughout the day. Both garages offer monthly rates, so make sure to stop by their office to learn more. We also have street parking and are located on the trax free zone. Jump off trax at either Courthouse or Gallivan Center and stop by!

9. What if I just want to go to events?

Our part-time membership is a great option for those who want to attend all of our events, but don't need a constant space. Part-time membership gets you 10 days a month of coworking at The Wave and membership pricing to every event we do!

8. So, are men not allowed in the building?

Men are always welcome to public events and can come in our space as clients and colleagues of their coworkers. Research shows that women thrive in environments where they are surrounded by other women. Women's spaces alleviate some of the hurdles that women's business face in the workplace and beyond. 

9. How do I join?

Fill-out an application here and our membership coordinator will be in touch!